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From Mortal Companions (1977):
      Spectrum Elegy
      A Six-Pointed Star
      Miss Curtin
      The Firetruck

  From The Death Mazurka (1987):
      European Movements
      The Death Mazurka

  From Country of Memory (2004):
      In the Woods, 1951
      Learning to Dance, 1956
      A Summer Night
      What the End Was Like

  From Chopin's Piano (2006):
      Eastern Europe After the War
      Counting the Holocaust
      A Dance on the Poems of Rilke
      Names on a List

  From Water under Water (2009):
      Two Girls Leaping
      Speaking Island

  From In the Language of Women (2011):
      Forgotten Songs
      A Lost Language
      Under Jerusalem's Sun
      Amelia in Vietnam

  From In the Path of Lightning: Selected Poems (2012):
      For Ilan Halimi
      A Poem for Matthew Shepard
      A Bench in Tel Aviv
      Snow Is the Poem Without Flags


From In the Wake of the Glacier: New Selected Poems (2018):
      Master of Breath
      The African American Burial Ground at Sweet Briar College